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Turkey Tetrazini Gluten Free

     Turkey is great at any time of year not just Thanksgiving. We can find great deals on turkey that we can store in the freezer and use anytime of year. Turkey Tetrazzini is maybe an old school dish but it's one that certainly your family will love. This recipe includes gluten free option but can also be made with regular flour.       Smoking a turkey is the best way to cook a turkey in my opinion. But I tend to smoke just about everything! You don't have to use smoked turkey but it certainly does add to this dish. There will be lots of turkey to use and this Turkey Tettrazini is one great way to enjoy...

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Air Fryer Homemade Potato Chips

     Conquering the air fryer has been a bit of a challenge for me. I tried homemade potato chips several times and wasn't happy. Until now. This is an way to make homemade chips in the air fryer that does take several steps but they are easy and don't take too long.        Mainer's love potatoes and being from what we call "The County" I grew up eating a lot of potatoes. Many times what was supposed to be mashed potatoes ended up with a slight burned flavor. My mother wasn't much of a cook and frequently would let the water boil out of the pan and only when we smelled burning starch did she think they...

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Freezing and Thawing Foods

Many of us have been stocking up food for the uncertain days ahead. Using your freezer to help will your food supply last longer. Here's some tips on what to freeze, the best way to freeze it, how long you can keep foods frozen, and how to safely thaw frozen food.

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